Former Adult Backwash members, we are looking for you and want your participation! However, we will not post your content or anything about you (other than brief nostalgic mentions & stories) without your permission. So, please, contact us and provide us information about you and give us permission for to publish your works.

Ideally, former BW folks will provide the following:

* A profile that includes who you were at BW’s “red side”, what you’ve done since then, and where people can find you now.

* A column from the “red side of Backwash” for us to share again. (You can edit it, if you’d like; or add an “update” about it as well.) Bonus points for including a couple of links, just like the old BW columns had.

* A post about Adult BW itself. This can be a nostalgic “I remember” or “I miss” story, an article about something you learned at Backwash, a post about Backwash history, or any sort of discussion about the Backwash years.

Going forward, former Adult Backwash columnists are encouraged to send in updates about what they are doing, write new columns, etc. (As always, sharing Gold &/or Silver links are lovely additions in keeping with the BW format.)

Should there be enough interest, we may open Dark Wry Toast up to continual self-published columns — just as we once did at Backwash.