blank red adult bw cartoonHi, I’m Rose, the woman who was the girl named “Un” behind the rather ghoulish Sucking Swirling Eddy of Despair column at the adult side of Backwash. As Un, my profile read, “I was born of dreams & intentions, but await the day the kelpies take me back to the sea…”

I only wrote three columns; thus, I never got out of my rather masculine jacket or robe, i.e. I never earned my own caricature. In fact, not only did I not write much, but what I wrote it wasn’t “sexy” either. I suppose it was “mature” in some aspects, if only because depression and anger are as unacceptable as sex.  …I’m simply flattered that I was remembered for being at adult BW at all!

Not long after I wrote my third piece of sad prose, the kelpies did in fact come and take me back to the sea. Bathed in the cool waters and warm embrace of my people, I returned to land as a human renewed. Empowered, I followed in the footsteps of several other (more famous) BWers and became an independent escort. After a few years of that, I fell in love, got married, and then returned to sex work as a phone sex operator or PSO. My tremendously wonderful husband is fully supportive of my endeavors and adventures.

Today, I squirm uncomfortably when I read what I wrote at Adult Backwash. It would be totally embarrassing, if it wasn’t all part of the process, part of my education, part of who I am today. My previous melancholia serves me well as a PSO, helping me truly understand mankind and be man kind. As well as be a little man naughty. *wink*

You can find out more about me in my Ruined Boudoir. I also am at Twitter.