Three Women & Breast Cancer

the unholy trinityThe Unholy Trinity consisted of GlamKitty (aka GK, aka DeeDee), GraciousSizzle (aka Gracie, then and now), and Roxy (aka La Rox, aka Kat).

Having three women write one column was a tricky beast — but always a blast! Even after GK and then Gracie moved away, we always enjoyed our unholy customs, including drinking wine and eating Cheetos, while meeting online to write our real-life adventures.

Kat would be struck with breast cancer — and survive it. But such a life event changes a person and she re-prioritized her life… Over time, gently but firmly, exiting from our lives. The unholy duo remains in love with her — and if she’s reading this, we welcome hearing from her!

Our official bio at the red side of BW was:

The tangled limbs & lives… “It’s almost like being there!”

And we really strove to make the columns read as if you truly were there.