spirit of the night adult backwashWriting for Adult BackWash was one experience I will never regret. In the beginning, I was leaving it as an anonymous/ secret column. But, I’ve never been good at keeping anything secret. So it was pretty much known that Laura of Bewitching Vagabond and Spirit of the Night, writing Bait and Switch, were the same person. I was ok with that. Stick by what you write and I did.

Writing was fun, talking with the other women and men writing on the red side was liberating for me. At that time I had almost no sexual experience, had never been casual about it or professional and I still like that about myself.

People don’t like a woman writing about sex. Whatever they may say to be politically correct, they don’t like it and they expect any one (especially a woman) writing about sex to be “easy” and on the rough or aggressive side. I don’t think I ever changed from who I was. It was tempting, especially as I wrote about experiences I was having at the time, men I really did meet and date, and even marry.

Looking for links on the adult side was the part I liked least. But, one link I remember far more and still laugh about. I wish I could find the post with the link and then repost that along with all the comments and the negative ratings I was given by irate men. The link was just a simple drawing, not adult content. But, I gave it a title, something about seeing Catholic school girls is all I can remember. My title was misleading, but I thought it was cute, a funny twist on words. The men reading the adult side were deeply upset about it, did not find it funny at all! They weren’t at all concerned about the link being child porn (which was what it sounded like with the title I wrote) no, the men were upset because it was NOT child porn with under age Catholic school girls.

I wrote Bait & Switch on Adult BackWash. I wrote newsletters: Sugar and Spice and Sex Blogs and I was part of channels, forums and communities in the red zone too. Now I keep an adult site but I don’t update often, fairly sporadic. I keep it fun, for me. When it isn’t fun, I just don’t write until I find something I do want to write there.

SpiritoftheNight’s profile at Adult BackWash:

A sweet girl who likes to do wicked things. A wallflower in disguise.