gracioussizzle gracie passetteAs GraciousSizzle, Gracie Passette was the author of the column I Get Paid Not To Laugh and was the Editor of Adult Backwash.

Her profile at Adult BW read:

Former escort discusses experiences in the ‘field’…

Past pro discusses the human, political, anthropoligical, & often humorous sides of prostitution. Owner of Sex-Kitten.Net, where women go to regain their purrs. As a former pro, and a general wild one, I’ll discuss all sorts of naughty business. I also am 1/3 of The Unholy Trinity.

Along with moderating a handful of channels at BW, she moderated the BDSM, Selling Sex On The Web, and Jane, You Ignorant Slut! communities and published the Savvy Sex, SMUT 101: Your Guide to Porn on the Internet, and Working With The Adult Web newsletters.

Today: Gracie Passette still considers herself a sex worker, though no longer working directly with clients in the flesh. Now now uses media to work with the issues of sexuality — many of the very same ones she covered at Adult Backwash. She continues to run Sex Kitten, as well as Cult Of Gracie, and is The Marketing Whore. She also curates sexuality at Scoop.It. You can follow her on Twitter @GraicePassette.