About The “I Get Paid Not To Laugh” Title

Published by GraciousSizzle at Adult Backwash on Monday, February 25, 2002.

What This Column Name Means

A few of you have asked about the title of this column ‘I Get Paid Not To Laugh’.

Frankly, it is the working title of a book I am writing. And that still doesn’t answer the question, does it?

As I have suggested in earlier columns & on the message boards, people enlist the services of a professional sex worker for many reasons, many of which are not just about sex… We are counselors, therapists, companions ~~~ fantasy versions, yes, but not just there to lay down…

Many times a client seeks the company. One of the biggest parts of the job, and the most difficult, is to keep our reactions to ourselves. Most of you can automatically think of the ‘strange’ things we see & do in a typical day. And, sure sometimes we want to giggle. Or sometimes, a client is so nervous to even ask for something (and many times it is not as ‘weird’ as they fear!) that we are tempted to laugh at the anxiety & relief we feel when a very simple act (such as a blow job) is requested after minutes of stammering!

But, mostly, the biggest challenge for me was to keep my opinions to myself. I don’t mean the sexual one, I mean the ones about his job, his girlfriend/partner, his life.

Before any sexual act, many clients prefer to ‘get a bit more comfortable’ by talking about themselves. And after, of course, there may be pillow-talk. And in either case, it is the sex worker’s job is to listen ~~~ without comment.

I suspect that many a lover of mine would wish for this kind of attention & thrill at the thought of me being without a comment or suggestion!

My column title refers to the lack of real reaction from me as a person during the date.

This attention on the part of the worker can often lead to clients falling ‘in love’ or believing that the worker has romantic feelings for them… Sometimes there is a neccessary conversation about the ‘depths’ of feelings ~~~ and as painful as that is, just remember, I get paid not to laugh!

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